2023 - Regulatory Compliance, Beta Testing & Presale Offering

Regulatory Compliance, App Beta Testing, Merchant Education, Presale Preparation, and Presale Launch Events.

Q1 2023 - Regulatory Compliance and Strategic Digital Presence Expansion

  • Submit AUSTRAC applications to become registered for providing digital currency exchange services, ensuring Digital Currency Exchange Register (DCER) compliance. Concurrently, develop Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Counter-Terrorism Financing (CTF) programs to meet regulatory and Know Your Customer (KYC) obligations.

  • Develop and launch the THAT website, showcasing the project's vision, reasons to invest in THAT, and key information targeted at business owners and other stakeholders.

  • Release the THAT whitepaper, detailing the project's technical and strategic framework.

Q2 2023 - Beta Testing of THAT App (Crypto Version)

  • Implement a user-friendly fiat-to-crypto gateway in the THAT app for seamless currency conversions, aimed at a scoped beta test release (Testnet V1).

  • Release the iOS version of the THAT app wallet (crypto testnet version) to a select group of beta users, including external testers and specific merchants.

  • Continuously monitor, iterate, and upgrade the THAT platform based on user feedback and ongoing technological advancements.

Q3 2023 - Education for THAT Merchants/Business Owners and Pre-sale Preparation

  • Conduct educational initiatives for merchants, preparing them for the THAT Mainnet launch.

  • Strategically prepare for the THAT pre-sale and plan pre-sale launch events to be held during the pre-sale for additional reach and fundraising.

  • Intensify THAT pre-sale marketing to maximise reach and exposure, including creating promotional videos, graphics, landing pages, funnels, and preparing automated investor email marketing templates for engagement, follow-ups, and receipts

Q4 2023 - THAT Presale and Public Launch Preparation

  • Officially launch the THAT pre-sale, opening early investment opportunity.

  • Continue merchant educational initiatives in preparation for the THAT Mainnet launch.

  • Prepare and design post-TGE (Token Generation Event) marketing campaigns.

  • Hold launch events in Australian capital cities including Gold Coast, Sydney and Melbourne.

  • Conclude the THAT pre-sale, transitioning focus towards the next phase (public launch).

  • In anticipation for public launch, expand our social media outreach by launching THAT on various platforms, including X (Twitter), LinkedIn, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook, to complement our existing digital brand presence and engage a wider audience.