Cryptocurrencies and their associated applications are typically perceived as excessively complex and necessitate a steep learning curve, deterring widespread adoption amongst the general public. They are not designed or developed with the layperson in mind, presenting a barrier to entry for those unfamiliar with digital finance.

THAT is defined by its simplicity, making it accessible to both experienced and novice users in the digital currency space. The THAT app, designed with user-friendliness at its core, requires no prior technical skills or blockchain experience. This streamlined approach reflects our commitment to broadening access to THAT. It invites a diverse audience to participate with ease, thereby removing the usual barriers associated with blockchain technology.


The practical application of cryptocurrencies in everyday life remains limited. A significant barrier to widespread adoption is the insufficient acceptance by merchants, rendering cryptocurrencies largely unusable for regular purchases and transactions. This gap between technological advancement and real-world applicability presents a critical challenge in the evolution of digital currencies.

THAT addresses this gap by attracting widespread merchant adoption, thereby enhancing its real-world usability. With THAT, the need to convert to local fiat currency becomes obsolete. Whether it’s settling a bill at a café or indulging in online retail therapy, THAT integrates seamlessly into your daily spending habits, epitomising the essence of a practical cryptocurrency.


Often, transacting with cryptocurrency can be more costly and disadvantageous for the sender, particularly regarding fees. Compared to fiat currency, this can make it prohibitively expensive and unappealing for frequent, smaller transactions.

THAT is a financially advantageous cryptocurrency, wrapped in exclusive benefits and accompanied by minimal transaction fees. This enhanced financial experience adds value to each transaction, positioning THAT as a gateway to unique financial rewards and benefits.