Company Allocation

~ 47.58% of THAT Supply Released Over A 10-Year Linear Vesting Schedule

Long Term Reserve (Treasury) - 28% of Company Allocation

~ 13.32% of the total amount, distributed over the initial 10-year period (28% of the company's total allocation), will be maintained as a long-term reserve. This reserve will fund the THAT organisation and cover all THAT-denominated expenses not explicitly outlined below. The allocation will support initiatives such as international expansion, project development and bounties, extending liquidity options for CEX/DEX listings, secret shopper programs, and other THAT-related expenses.

Marketing Allocation - 25% of Company Allocation

This allocation will be used for marketing campaigns to promote and incentivise the adoption of THAT as a payment currency in the real world. It includes compensating merchants participating in outreach promotions to encourage customer payments with THAT (e.g. 1 THAT Burgers on THAT). The funds will also support advertising campaigns (e.g. 'Download the THAT app to receive $10 free THAT towards your first purchase').

Charity Allocation - 22% of Company Allocation

THAT will be distributed annually from the company's charity/non-profit allocation to support initiatives making a difference in areas including:

  • Local and international communities affected by natural disasters.

  • Organisations fighting human trafficking, including sexual exploitation and trafficking, forced slave labour, bonded labour, involuntary domestic servitude, and child soldiery.

  • Organisations working to alleviate poverty and provide services to those in need.

  • Organisations helping people break free from drug and alcohol addiction.

  • Organisations fighting domestic violence and promoting education, advocacy, and empowerment to end domestic and family violence.

  • Organisations raising awareness for mental health/suicide prevention and addressing issues related to depression, suicide, anxiety disorders, and other mental illnesses.

  • Organisations actively solving global environmental issues and promoting solutions for a green and peaceful future, including the protection of land and ocean wildlife.

Sales Allocation - 18% of Company Allocation

THAT will be released from the company sales allocation when a new merchant completes the onboarding process, which involves passing validation, agreeing to the terms and conditions, and publishing a business listing on the merchant directory post-registration. THAT will be released to the value of a fixed amount based on the current market rate. The company is authorised to distribute THAT from its sales allocation to the following recipients:

  • Agents who recruit and onboard new merchants (as a commission).

  • Service providers who recruit and onboard new merchants (as a commission).

  • Consumers who meet the criteria of approved reward and incentive programmes (e.g. 'refer a friend' / 'refer a merchant').

  • Merchants who meet the criteria of approved signup incentive programmes (e.g. 'Receive X free THAT when you publish a new business listing').

The sales allocation is solely dedicated to expanding the merchant base, effectively preserving and growing the long-term value of THAT. Each merchant adds value to the network by agreeing to accept THAT as payment for the goods and services they offer. THAT will be accepted with confidence due to the participating and growing merchant ecosystem, which creates trust in its intrinsic value. To achieve widespread adoption, THAT is complemented by a global sales initiative that drives merchant onboarding. THAT will support the expansion of the merchant ecosystem through proactive sales campaigns and the incentivisation of onboarding new merchants. Through this expansion, anyone who purchases THAT will have a high degree of assurance that they can utilise and spend their THAT within the participating and growing merchant ecosystem. New merchants will naturally influence their customers and the adoption of THAT by implicitly indicating trust in the currency, hence, the value of THAT will be indirectly influenced by the size of the merchant ecosystem.

Future Team - 7% of Company Allocation

7% of the company's total allocation will be reserved for future employees of the company. Employee distributions will be subject to certain requirements being met (e.g. 12 months of continuous employment with the company). This allocation may also go towards employee bonuses and any other commissions or incentives offered internally.