The THAT app (THAT wallet) is a mobile application compatible with iOS and Android, enabling users to utilise THAT (cryptocurrency) and browse a directory of merchants participating in the acceptance of THAT. The THAT app provides a highly secure way for investors, merchants, and consumers to acquire and store their digital funds, perform transactions, browse products/services offered by participating business owners, and interact with a community-driven marketplace within the app. Wallets are protected by 24-word seed recovery phrases, and private keys are safeguarded within the device itself. THAT wallet holders will be able to securely store their mnemonic seed recovery phrases in their Apple iCloud Keychain or Google Password Manager accounts.

Similar to hardware wallets (such as Ledger and Trezor), private keys are encrypted and stored within the device’s secure enclave; external sources cannot read or access private keys. When a user performs a transaction within the app, a request is sent to the enclave, which responds with the payload; private keys are never shared or exposed.