The THAT network includes its own built-in currency, THAT, which serves three primary purposes: providing a primary liquidity layer to allow for efficient exchange between various types of digital assets, a mechanism for paying transaction fees, and, more importantly, an efficient means of exchanging monetary value in the real world.

The issuance model will be as follows:

  • THAT will be released in a currency sale at approximately US$0.0008 per 1 THAT, a mechanism intended to fund the THAT organisation and finance development. Early buyers will benefit from larger discounts. All capital raised from the sale will be used exclusively to fund company operations and pay salaries.

  • 0.20x the total THAT amount sold (presale) will be allocated to the organisation to cover THAT-denominated expenses prior to the genesis block (e.g. 0.15x the total amount sold will be allocated to exchange liquidity provision).

  • 2.10x the total amount sold will be locked in an organisation vault and distributed over a

    10-year linear vesting schedule. A detailed breakdown of this allocation (e.g. marketing, charity, etc.) is outlined in the Tokenomics ('THAT Currency Units / Distribution Schedule') section of the THAT whitepaper.

  • 0.05x the total amount sold will be allocated to validators annually, indefinitely.

The distribution timeline is further outlined in the TOKENOMICS section of the THAT whitepaper.