THAT is a Layer 1 (L1) blockchain cryptocurrency, fundamentally designed to be the most user-friendly and easily spendable cryptocurrency in the world.


This white paper outlines our plans and progress towards creating the world’s most spendable digital currency, a currency that enables transactions within a diverse, global ecosystem of merchants and consumers.

The world of commerce is ready to adopt a widely-used, reliable digital currency. We envision a global commercial digital currency that can be readily acquired and used for instant payments between buyers and sellers, both in-store and online. Such a currency must offer the assurance of low volatility, high transaction speeds, and minimal fees.

We introduce THAT, a digital currency designed to enable and facilitate global trade through a credible, distributed blockchain. THAT is supported by a growing merchant ecosystem, providing genuine intrinsic value and an ongoing support for adoption. Businesses and merchants participating in this ecosystem will accept THAT from customers as payment for goods and services. Offering a secure, scalable, and reliable digital currency, underpinned by real goods and services, THAT is empowering business owners, merchants, and sellers to engage in global trade with consumers.

THAT will utilise blockchain technology to securely and efficiently process transactions, integrating the safest and most advanced interoperable technologies. Ultimately, THAT aims to become the most widely adopted, user-friendly, and reliable digital currency, enabling buyers and sellers to engage in commerce with both ease and confidence.

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