2025 - NFT Marketplace, In-App Ordering & International CEX Listings

NFT Marketplace Launch, In-App Ordering, NFC Payments, and International Expansion

Q1 2025 - NFT Marketplace Preparation, Partnerships, and Beta Testing (NFT Version)

  • Develop and integrate support for a THAT NFT marketplace directory in the iOS and Android apps, version 4.0.0, scheduled to go live in Q2 2025. This marketplace will feature NFTs that offer special merchant benefits and exclusive in-app offers.

  • Incentivise and attract NFT collaborations with external brands and influencers. Begin engaging in partnerships for pre-release marketing campaigns for the in-app THAT NFT marketplace, and create whitelist opportunities through the THAT Discord server.

  • Initiate a comprehensive user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) feedback loop for version 4.0.0 of the THAT app, incorporating a beta testing environment. This initiative will particularly focus on user simplicity to optimise the app in preparation for the introduction of new NFT marketplace features.

  • Evaluate the potential for expansion into additional capital cities across Australia and New Zealand, with the aim of further extending our marketing and sales initiatives.

Q2 2025 - Launch NFT Marketplace and Begin In-App Ordering Implementation

  • Launch the THAT NFT marketplace, conduct an initial marketplace sale, and update the apps to version 4.0.0, ensuring access to the NFT marketplace.

  • Utilise NFTs to drive ongoing marketing campaigns, aiming to increase platform adoption.

  • Initiate the development of in-app ordering features in the THAT app, catering to various needs such as restaurant food ordering and online shopping. This enhancement will allow users to place orders directly through the app, significantly improving the user experience and expanding the app’s functionality.

  • Conduct extensive user testing and feedback collection for the in-app ordering system (app version 5.0.0), ensuring its design and functionality align with user needs and preferences. This process aims to fine-tune the feature before its official rollout in Q3 2025.

Q3 2025 - Introduction of In-App Ordering, Including Restaurant Food Ordering

  • Release in-app ordering and online shopping functionality in the THAT app, version 5.0.0

  • Launch the THAT Store, showcasing exclusive products and deals, including gift cards. This new feature within the app will provide unique shopping experiences, enhancing user engagement and offering added value to our user base. Additionally, the store will feature exclusive discounts for select THAT NFT holders.

  • Develop and release optional invoicing functionality for THAT blockchain transactions to complement in-app ordering and support business accounting processes.

  • Implement a user feedback and rating system for the in-app ordering service, including restaurant food ordering and other online stores. This feature will enable customers to provide reviews and ratings for their purchases and experiences, fostering a culture of trust and quality within the app ecosystem. Gathering user feedback will also provide valuable insights for continuous improvement of the services offered.

Q4 2025 - NFC Payments, Feature Development, and International CEX Listings

  • Implement NFC scanning functionality in app wallets to enable contactless payments.

  • Begin development of delivery service integration to facilitate partnerships for in-app food ordering with delivery options. This initiative, planned for a comprehensive rollout in Q1 2026, aims to create a seamless delivery experience, thereby significantly enhancing the in-app ordering functionality.

  • Enhance the user interface and support systems to ensure smooth integration and usability of the new delivery service, focusing on user satisfaction and operational efficiency.

  • Achieve listings for THAT on international centralised exchanges (CEX), increasing global accessibility and market presence. In preparation for international expansion in 2026, target countries include the United States, United Kingdom, and Singapore (subject to change).