2024 - Public Launch, Feature Development, Geo-Expansion, Marketing & Sales

Public Launch, Marketing & Sales, Geo-Expansion, Feature Development, and Regulatory Compliance

Q1 2024 - THAT Token Generation Event (Public Launch)

  • Prior to launch, develop community engagement plans and introduce a THAT Discord server. In addition, prepare for the immediate post-launch introduction of a Telegram group chat to further enhance interaction with the community.

  • Refine the go-to-market strategy to align with the launch budget and objectives, and proactively recruit team members while securing necessary resources for the public launch.

  • Execute the Token Generation Event (TGE) by initiating the genesis block, marking the official launch of the THAT blockchain (Mainnet).

  • Implement the Mainnet THAT/AUDT DEX smart contract, to enable seamless bidirectional exchanges between THAT and AUDT, fully integrated into the THAT app.

  • Update and release version 2.0.0 of the public THAT app available for iOS and Android, incorporating essential THAT Mainnet integrations.

  • Outline post-launch support and maintenance strategies to ensure continuous platform performance and ongoing improvements.

Q2 2024 - Ramp Up Marketing & Sales in Initial Key Markets: Gold Coast & Melbourne

  • Sales: Continuously onboard new businesses and merchants onto the app as a key component of our sales strategy. This will involve targeted approaches to different business sectors and tailored support for merchants integrating with our platform.

  • Marketing: Prioritise growth and acquisition for the public user base of THAT. Implement a range of marketing campaigns, including digital advertising, content marketing, and community engagement initiatives to drive user sign-ups and active engagement.

  • Strategic Partnerships: Form strategic alliances to broaden the THAT ecosystem, focusing on enhancing the platform’s online presence and visibility. This includes collaborating with influential industry players and leveraging cross-promotional opportunities.

Q3 2024 - Geo-Expansion, Feature Development, and Gamified THAT Challenges

  • Add gamified 'spend to earn' challenges to the THAT app, enabling users to earn rewards for spending cryptocurrency in the real world.

  • Introduce a chat feature in the THAT App to enable direct messaging with businesses and friends, allowing for real-time inquiries, feedback, and personalised service, thus creating a more responsive experience within the THAT ecosystem.

  • Broaden marketing and sales efforts to Brisbane, leveraging the momentum gained in Gold Coast and Melbourne, to further penetrate the market and enhance brand presence.

  • Prioritise securing high-quality Australian centralised exchange (CEX) listings for THAT, focusing on prominent and reputable platforms to enhance overall market credibility, presence and accessibility.

Q4 2024 - Geo-Expansion, Community Marketplace, and Regulatory Compliance

  • Expand the range of products and services available within the THAT merchant ecosystem.

  • Extend the THAT directory to include a community-driven marketplace (app version 3.0.0).

  • Broaden marketing and sales efforts to Sydney and Auckland, aiming to further penetrate the Australian market and intentionally enhance brand presence in New Zealand.

  • Aim to get listed on credible centralised exchanges (CEX) in New Zealand, targeting platforms that align with our market expansion goals and user base growth.

  • Prepare and submit additional regulatory applications to facilitate the international expansion of the project, enabling THAT to enter new global markets throughout 2025.