2022 - Digital Wallets, Blockchain Development & Market Testing

Blockchain Development, Digital Wallets, Merchant Integration, Market Testing.

Q1 2022 - THAT Blockchain (Testnet V1) + Digital App Wallet MVPs

  • Develop and deploy THAT blockchain (Testnet V1) with specific focus on security.

  • Develop iOS, Android, and WatchOS app wallets (MVPs) with cross-platform compatibility.

  • Initiate a feedback loop with early adopters to guide iterative improvements.

Q2 2022 - Extend App Wallet Functionality + Add Merchant Directory

  • Implement Apple sign in and iCloud integration to enhance user security and convenience, including features such as keychain backup for mnemonic phrases.

  • Introduce QR code functionality in the THAT app for streamlined in-store payments.

  • Launch a Merchant/Business Directory (MVP) in the THAT app, with the aim of onboarding 100+ local businesses from various sectors in the next quarter.

  • Develop a CMS merchant interface in the THAT app for business listing management.

  • Add promotional functionality to the app, enabling real-time offer publications by merchants to attract more customers, especially during off-peak times.

  • Strategise and prepare to conduct market testing, focusing on UX and merchant feedback.

Q3 2023 - Release THAT App & Perform Initial Market Testing (Merchant Focus)

  • Official release of iOS & Android apps with hidden wallet/cryptocurrency components

  • Phase 1 Market Testing: Aim to onboard 100+ businesses onto the THAT app, focusing on high-frequency sectors such as retail and hospitality. Successfully Onboarded 200 businesses.

  • Phase 2 Market Testing: Aim to achieve 10,000+ active users, while analysing app analytics for insights into user behaviour. Successfully Onboarded 13,000 active users.

  • Roll out app improvements based on UX testing, merchant, and consumer feedback, prioritising iOS enhancements due to the largest percentile of users.

Q4 2022 - App (Wallet) + THAT Blockchain Development & Enhancements

  • Release app clips for iOS, which enable QR code and NFC scan installations, aiming to achieve a 10-20% increase in app adoption.

  • Advance the native Android app, aligning its functionality with the iOS version.

  • Transition the Testnet V1 blockchain from Proof-of-Authority (PoA) to Proof-of-Stake (PoS) to test migration and network efficiency.

  • Deploy Decentralised Exchange (DEX) smart contracts on the THAT Testnet V1 Blockchain, setting the stage for subsequent integration into the THAT Mainnet Blockchain following the official Token Generation Event (TGE).