4. Selling Cryptocurrency

Ease of Conversion: Selling Cryptocurrency

Most business owners are open to accepting cryptocurrency, but they require the capability to quickly and conveniently convert cryptocurrency into their local (fiat) currency to cover expenses like bills, rent, wages, and other running costs. The conversion process is a pain point, as crypto-to-fiat gateways are convoluted and time-consuming for everyday use. The process of converting crypto to fiat needs to be streamlined, enabling businesses to easily withdraw their funds into their local fiat currency in a simple, efficient manner.


THAT simplifies the process of withdrawing and converting crypto-to-fiat by integrating with external exchange partners ‘under the hood’. In other words, users will be able to withdraw crypto through a simple user interface, and the funds will be deposited directly into their bank accounts (in local fiat currency) without the complexity of using or learning to use an exchange.