1. SMEs Losing Their Local Market Share

Multinational corporations are making it increasingly difficult for small businesses to compete for customers and cash flow within their local communities. Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) represent more than 90% of the business population and account for up to 70% of global employment (United Nations, 2020). Despite the fact that SMEs are the main source of employment and job creation worldwide, they are often outperformed in their own local communities by larger corporate rivals with greater marketing budgets and customer rewards. Consequently, approximately 50% of all SMEs fail within the first 5 years.


We believe that the wider economy will flourish globally as a result of communities supporting local businesses. THAT offers small businesses the opportunity to reach new customers and increase demand/interest in their products or services, converting excess capacity into additional cash flow. THAT inherently increases overall revenue for registered merchants, raises their exposure, and provides them with a secure, borderless, digital payments platform. Our research has found that merchants are keen to accept a global digital currency and tap into the unique properties and benefits that blockchain and cryptocurrency technology can offer them.