Blockchain technology has yet to achieve mainstream acceptance, primarily due to its limited real-world usability, complexity, historical patterns of high volatility, scalability limitations, regulatory uncertainties, and general unfamiliarity. This has led to the majority of cryptocurrencies being viewed as unreliable and unfavourable methods for monetary exchange and stores of value. While some existing and emerging cryptocurrency projects are excelling in resolving various technological challenges around blockchain technology, their implementation and execution fall short as they lack a marketplace for everyday usability. In layman's terms, 'they are not practical currencies in the real world'.


We believe it is business endorsement and the ability to trade with goods and services that will be the turning point in the adoption and distribution of a global cryptocurrency. THAT, along with its extensions (such as the THAT app), is designed to be straightforward, secure, trustworthy (compliant with regulations), and rewarding for the end user. THAT will facilitate instant transactions and offer people a feature-rich way to manage their digital funds via the app (digital wallet), available for download on iOS and Android devices. Essentially, THAT is transforming cryptocurrency into an accessible method of trade for everyday buyers and sellers, bridging the gap between cutting-edge blockchain technology and practical, user-friendly applications. Furthermore, THAT will undertake the essential groundwork of enlisting businesses to encourage, drive and support market adoption. In layman's terms, ‘it's cryptocurrency you can use in the real world’.

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